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“Dream” Ltd., the enterprise with 25 years of experience, founded the company “MegaDoors” which has been operating in the local market since 2017. From this period onwards, the enterprise creates the highest quality interior and exterior products such as fireproof and soundproof MDF doors for the Georgian and foreign markets. “MegaDoors”, staffed by highly qualified specialists, is the only company in our country that holds an international certificate for the production of fire-resistant doors. The main goal is to offer customers innovative and eco-friendly products that will be tailored to individual designs. “MegaDoors” understands that doors give a sense of calm and reliability to people, therefore it creates products with healthy materials and modern machinery, so they can last for years.

Formula Construction
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“Formula Construction” appeared on the Georgian market in June 2018, and in just one year the company introduced the first, completely innovative, dry mix factory – “Formula”. The enterprise has been producing and offering various types of cement adhesive and plaster to customers for years. The factory maintains the highest standard of quality as much as possible and creates reliable products thanks to the latest equipment, clean materials, and ultra-modern laboratory. Because of this approach “Formula Construction” is a desirable partner for the leading construction companies and local representatives of foreign brands. “Formula” offers affordable prices, a wide range of options, and tailored services to those for whom a sense of comfort at home is paramount.

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JSC “Graali92” has been operating in the Georgian market for several decades. The company was established in 1936 and was updated in 1992 when the installations in the whole factory were replaced and there started a completely modern, local production of metal structures. Today, the service of “Graali92” involves the design, manufacture, transportation, and installation of metal structures. Many years of experience and a team of highly qualified professionals is one of the main advantages of the company, with the help of which it performs tasks of any complexity with the highest quality.

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“Zodi” appeared on the Georgian market in 2007. Initially, the main activity of the company was the import and sale of interior and exterior doors, natural stones, and materials used for repairing and renovation. As a consequence of the experience gained in this field over the years, the company has also developed a new direction and since 2019 it has launched a local enterprise. Today “Zodi” shops are open in five big cities. Customers can expect the largest selection of interior and exterior doors, natural stones, ceramic tiles, laminate flooring, bathroom accessories, heating systems, or other products of interest to them. The company is especially proud of the fact that its diverse assortment also encompasses unique Georgian stones. The products are processed by state-of-the-art masters in a stone factory owned by the company, and thus the highest quality materials are presented to local customers. Zodi is a respected partner which offers corporate clients or individuals tailored, flexible and affordable services to individual needs.

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