In 2007, Zodi debuted on the Georgian market. Initially, the main activity of the company was the import and sale of internal and external doors, natural stones and repair materials. The organization has established a new path as a result of its many years of experience in this industry and in 2019 it has already started operating a local enterprise.

“Zodi” has been a full member of the Georgian Construction Materials Cluster (GCMC) since 2020. The company “Zodi” is actively involved in the events and trainings organized by GCMC, which contributes to the development of “Zodi”.

According to the company’s representative, Georgian production needs constant support, that’s where the main idea of their joining the cluster comes from. It is necessary to promote Georgian production and manufactured products not only in Georgia, but also outside its borders. The projects implemented by the cluster are even more opportunities for Zodi to present Georgian products both on the local and international markets.

Georgian Construction Materials Cluster (GCMC) unites small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the construction sector, one of the leading industries of Georgia.
GCMC helps companies to improve production quality, which involves sharing international experience, trainings and workshops, promoting the implementation of ISO standards and identifying international requirements. The cluster, by participating in exhibitions and contacting local and international buyers, helps to stimulate sales. In addition, GCMC assists members in conducting private-public dialogue, working on regulations and policies related to the construction sector. GCMC plays an important role in the process of achieving economic stability of the country!

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